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Noah’s Arc

Noah’s Arc is a subsidiary of Dierenartsenassociatie de Ark, which was established in Belgium in 1990. We specialize in alternative therapy for animals, particularly horses. Our company consults with thoroughbred horse owners, trainers, and veterinarians seeking to use new techniques in massage therapy, acupuncture, exercise, and dietary supplementation. Our parent company in Belgium packages and distributes herbal supplements. In response to increasing requests of our products from U.S. customers, we opened an office in the U.S. For horses and other domesticated animals, we provide herbal supplements and develop new supplements to facilitate imbalances caused by the different diets and illnesses specific to North America.

Noah’s Arc was established in the U.S. in March 2004 to distribute its herbal supplements and to consult with U.S. veterinarians and others in the equine industry regarding alternate therapies and the importance of using herbal supplementation with a balanced diet for horses.

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